Aware Coaching


Alina Găloiu


       “Approximately seven years ago I discovered Zen Coaching. It was through a clip presentation on youtube made by Kåre Landfald, the founder of Zen Coaching. In 10 minutes I decided that I want to go to his course. I searched on internet and I have seen that the coaching training was in Sweden in two weeks. I was thrilled that the training was in Europe, so it was more accessible for me to attend it. I bought the plane tickets in the same day, I wrote an intention letter e-mail to Kåre Landfald, asking him to attend the course even if it was in short notice. I got the positive answer from Kåre Landfald. It was a life changing year for me, the year of my formation, and it helped me bringing more meaning, joy and purpose in my day to day life.”

          Alina Găloiu holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and  Business Management. She has been on the personal development journey, studying various methods of healing for more than ten years. She is a promoter of the aware parenting, with no punishments and no rewards approach and a supporter of aware education.

         What is Aware Coaching?       

        Zen Coaching brings progress where everything else failed. Aware Coaching helps you to reconnect with the conscious breath and thus sustaining the body and the brain to have more oxygen, bringing more energy and clarity. From this point of clarity, you find new solutions to your personal questions/ challenges. 

        In a safe space, you can allow your emotions to be and you are guided by the coach to overcome your fears, many of them that you might have carried inside you for many years. 

          Aware Coaching Method

        It consists of an online meeting, where you are offered a safe and trustful space for you to feel and to observe what is happening in the Now. Any memory, trauma, discontent or desire for change can be felt in a unique way in the present moment. One of the specific Aware Coaching questions is :”What’s happening now?”. Letting the answer come without judgement or by forcing it, we begin the inner journey, where we access our own resources and Essence to overcome any impasse in our life and to access our own answers, the true that is best suited for us, coming from the connection with our inner clarity and wisdom.  

        With understanding and gentleness, the coach accompanies and softly guides you to your exploring journey, in such a way that, at the end of the coaching session, you have the clarity and the courage to find the answers to your questions and to start acting as your genuine self

        All of us have the right to live the life that we dream of.


Be Happy with Who You Are

Go inside your inner heart place. Breath. Take deep breaths. And feel the peace inside yourself. You are safe to feel the emotions inside you. Honor Yourself!

Live with Passion

Have the courage to live your passions!

Be in Flow with the Change

Change is the natural way of life. Be in the flow with Life!

 Details of the AWARE COACHING with Alina Găloiu sessions

DURATION The coaching sessions takes about 50 minutes.

HOW  I am happy to offer you sessions through video call or voice call on whatsapp, skype or zoom. 

SAFETY I offer a supportive and safe space for you to dive deep into your inner journey. I am here for you with OPENNESS, CONFIDENTIALITY and SINCERE SUPPORT.

PRICE You can book either individual sessions or packs of 5, 10 sessions with considerably discount. I have standard prices with a discount for the packs, even though we can always agree on a price that can fit both of our needs. 



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