The Aware Coaching process starts with an intention. One that can remain the same through the all schedule of meetings or it can change from session to session. The intention can be about what you want to improve in your life, a blockage removal, a fear that you want to pass over it or any other challenge that you want to overcome or to confront). 

I especially coach you to reconnect with the courage to take bold actions toward a new direction in your life, a new more fulfilling job, to rebuild or to find a relationship or maybe to take that first step to live from your passion. 

The sessions are hold online on zoom application.

It is a 5 meetings or 10 meetings journey; each meeting takes place once per week or once at two weeks. In this way, you can see the process unfolding through a period of time. I recommend keeping a journal; in this way the beginning, the middle and the continuation of the journey will be more clear and you can track the progress.

The AWARE COACHING rises you from resistance (fury, anger, bitterness, frustration, victimization, shame, guiltiness, disappointment, being stuck) to LIVING a life without fear in a creative, relaxing, genuine way. It offer you guidance in support in relationships, feeling more authentic and energized in the dynamic with other people.

You are a unique being and you deserve to grow up as an individualized and fulfilled living being, by bringing your gifts to the world and by feeling joy and satisfaction in your own life.

How is AWARE COACHING helping you accomplish all of this? Through navigating to our personal journey by connecting with the wisdom of our body. The inner master becomes a guiding source according to our unique design and mission in life. The decisions and actions that arise from our deep interior puts us on the best road for us to follow in order to live an fulfilled, authentic, empowered life

Sometimes the mind tricks us to stay on the ”safe” road, thus we feel dissatisfaction and a sense of not living the life that we want. Connecting with our Essence, through feeling and observing the body intelligence, we reconnect with parts of us that were never lost, just very well hidden in times of fear, trauma and absence of love. From the Inner knowing we discover the genuine answers for us and we take action into living the life that we dream for ourselves.

AWARE COACHING is offering you the support to take the soul whisper direction for your life. Once you learn how to listen your body intelligence, your start living, through your thoughts, words and actions, with clarity, power, courage and gentle easiness. You let go of who you are not and you start living your authentic Self.


One session can help you overcome a fear, bring clarity or support you taking a decision that you postponed for some time now.

Price: 120 euros


 The vast majority of people are searching for a rapid and immediate solution to all of their problems. The truth is that change requires experimentation, auto-analyzing, awareness, deep understanding and time. Thus we commit to our new goals in order to progress and take a real leap in your life.

Price: 440 euros

10 sessions

A deeper and more profound coaching commitment that gives you time to reflect and observe the journey that you embarked on the inner transformation ship  that takes you  to live the life that you dream of.

Price: 770 euros


”Six months ago, after five Aware Coaching session packet, I have realized the things that were present in my life and Alina helped me see them in a new light. During our meetings, I had a lot of ”aha!” moments that helped me appreciate myself and those around me. Even if we met on Skype, I always felt that we were so close and interconnected and everything is her merit because of her dedication. I definitely recommend Alina to all my friends.”
Ileana, France
Mother of two wonderful boys
”I have been counseled by Alina and I chose to explore how to preceed with my Yoga clases. This exploration turned out to be more deep than I could imagine and it brought heavy emotions to the surface. Alina guided my exploring with care, compassion and presence. I could feel her being beside me without forcing me or abandoning me. Through curiosity, questions and reflections that came at the right time, I dared to let myself guided and to go deeper into the experience. I have the courage to have contact with Alina as a coach, because she is a dedicated one.”
Anna, Sweden
Yoga Teacher
”My feeling is that of being at peace with myself. This hour was a true doctor for my soul because now I know how to make myself understood by those around me.”
Bank Manager
”Now I feel more confident, I have more trust in myself. It was a very interested session, the one that I really need it.”
Ramona, Sebes, Romania

Have Courage to Live Your Dreams

By coaching you can have the support and the guidance to find the inner strength for You to live the life that you dream of.

I support people to reconnect with their Inner Truth and find the courage to take the bold steps to bring the change that they want in their lives. I guide the inner process of going deep and remove the blockages that stopped them until now to move into a new direction in their lives.

Alina Găloiu

Aware Coaching - the answer to your quest

Everyone can dream, but not everyone follows it. What makes you special? You take actions for your dream to come true.

I can offer one DEMO session of 20 minutes. 

For details, please contact me.


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