The Joy to Travel

Everyone can dream, but not everyone follows it. What makes you special? You take actions for your dream to come true.

Why go on retreats?​

           In the Now, we all feel a change inside us, like the Inner Self wants us to step behind the every day veil and discover and live the life that we dream of. So, we are being pushed to look more profoundly what we like and what we dislike about our lives and have the Courage to step outside the net and listen more to our Core, to choose every day how we want to spend our day, what choices to make and to Act by our Core whisper.

          Our life is like a continuous pilgrimage, one that – with every decision that we make- takes us closer to our Essence and thus we fulfill our Destiny.

          One way that our Higher Self speaks to us is the calling to go to one place that attracts us, a sacred site that has secrets to tell us, lessons to unveil and to bring Joy in our Heart.

Have Courage to Live Your Dreams

          There are may sacred sites around the world. My guidance is offered on sacred sites like: Sarmizsegetusa in Romania – the place where Zamolxes and Deceneus lived and created a sacred ascension school, Avalon in Glastonbury – a druid experience where ancient priestesses knew more about the secrets of our world, southern France – the pilgrimage of Mary Magdalene and Virgin Mary and the ancient lands where Mary Magdalene lived and taught the Way of the Heart.

         Many places on our beautiful Mother Planet Gaia hold powerful and mystical energies. Many places like these could whisper us images and memories from different life times when we lived there. So, by travelling, we reawaken those Self gifts that we need in our mission in the Now.

          I offer sacred journeys each year, traveling coaching sessions and mystical experiences enhanced by the sacred energy of the ancient lands.

I invite You to join me in the journey of your Soul, coming together once again to bring more Love, Joy, Grace in the Now of our life.